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Michael Erbschloe
Vice President of Research
Computer Economics, Carlsbad, California

Computer forensics is one of the largest growth professions of the 21st century. The soaring increase in the number of Internet users combined with the constant computerization of business processes has created new opportunities for computer criminals and terrorists. Study after study has consistently revealed that cyber attacks, hacking, and computer-based criminal activities are costing businesses and government organizations billions of dollars each year.

Law enforcement agencies around the world are starting to fight back. It has been a long, difficult struggle to train law enforcement personnel in computer-crime-related issues and recruit skilled computer professionals into law enforcement careers. These efforts are far from finished.

We need to train at least 50,000 more computer crime fighters in order to stem the global tide of computer attacks. Many computer professionals have asked me how they can get started in security and crime-fighting careers. My response has constantly been learn, study, train, and move forward. Computer Forensics: Computer Crime Scene Investigation, by John Vacca, is an excellent place to start establishing the required knowledge base to move into this fascinating new career field.

Computer Forensics is an excellent book for trained law enforcement personnel who desire to learn more about investigating and fighting computer crimes. Computer Forensics is also an excellent book for computer professionals who want to move into the rapidly growing security field and are considering shifting their career focus to law enforcement and criminal investigation.

It is also important that computer security personnel expand their understanding of forensic processes and keep their understanding of investigative and prevention procedures up to date. Computer Forensics is an excellent book for all levels of computer security personnel to further their professional development.

John Vacca has made an excellent contribution to the computer forensics field. I highly recommend Computer Forensics and congratulate John Vacca on a job extremely well done.

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Computer Forensics. Computer Crime Scene Investigation
Computer Forensics: Computer Crime Scene Investigation (With CD-ROM) (Networking Series)
ISBN: 1584500182
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2002
Pages: 263
Authors: John R. Vacca
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