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the coaching handbook: an action kit for trainers & managers
The Coaching Handbook: An Action Kit for Trainers & Managers
by Sara Thorpe and Jackie Clifford   ISBN:074943810x
Kogan Page © 2003

Packed with practical information, case studies and exercises, this all-inclusive book offers a straightforward and practical process for coaching others.

Table of Contents
The Coaching Handbook”An Action Kit For Trainers & Managers
Part 1 - The Coaching Process
Chapter 1 - What is Coaching?
Chapter 2 - Learning Theories
Chapter 3 - Introducing the Coaching Model
Chapter 4 - Job description, Skills and Qualities of a Coach
Chapter 5 - Preparing to Coach
Chapter 6 - Stage 1: Clarifying Coaching Needs and Goals
Chapter 7 - Stage 2: Agreeing Specific Development Needs
Chapter 8 - Stage 3: Formulating a Detailed Plan for Coaching
Chapter 9 - Stage 4: Doing a Task or Activity
Chapter 10 - Stage 5: Reviewing Activities and Planning Improved Performance
Chapter 11 - Stage 6: Ending the Coaching Relationship
Chapter 12 - Third-party Initiated Coaching
Chapter 13 - Skills
Part 2 - Case Studies
Case Studies
Part 3 - Activities and Exercises
Activities and Exercises
References and Further Reading
List of Figures
List of Sidebars

The Coaching Handbook. An Action Kit for Trainers & Managers
Coaching Handbook: An Action Kit for Trainers and Managers
ISBN: 074943810X
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2003
Pages: 130
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