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half-height drives 
hard disk drives (HDDs)  2nd 
    backing up  [See backups]
    choosing/recommended  2nd 
    drive bay arrangements 
    how they work 
    installing  2nd 
        ATA drives 
        preparing for 
        SCSI drives 
    interfaces for 
        IDE/ATA interface 
        recommendations for 
        SCSI interface 
    mounting methods for 
    OEM software and 
        recommendations for 
    ST506 412 
    parallel ports and, configuring 
    serial ports and, installing/configuring 
hardware compression  2nd 
hat switches 
HD (High-Density) drive types 
HDA (head/disk assembly) 
HDDs  [See hard disk drives]
head actuator assembly 
head/disk assembly (HDA) 
header-pin connectors 
heatsink/fan units
    caution with 
        in AMD systems  2nd 
    for video adapters 
HiFD drives (Sony) 
high-capacity floppy disk drives 
    recommendations for 
High-Density (HD) drive types 
High-Voltage Differential SCSI (HVD SCSI) 
    DVD drives 
hold-up periods 
Horizontal Scanning Frequency (HSF) 
host adapters 
    recommendations for 
host buses  2nd  [See also front-side bus]
HSF (Horizontal Scanning Frequency) 
HVD SCSI (High-Voltage Differential SCSI) 


PC Hardware in a Nutshell
PC Hardware in a Nutshell, 3rd Edition
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