Section 24.5. Our Picks


24.5 Our Picks

USB 1.1 ports are ubiquitous on recent motherboards and systems, and USB 2.0 ports will become increasingly common on new motherboards and systems. If you buy a new system or motherboard in 2002, if possible buy one that provides USB 2.0 ports. By the second half of 2002, nearly any Intel-based motherboard or system you are likely to want will have USB 2.0 ports. USB 2.0 availability in AMD-based systems may lag somewhat, but adding a USB 2.0 expansion card to an AMD-based system is a simple matter.

The good news is that upgrading older systems to USB 2.0 is relatively easy and inexpensive. We have used numerous USB port cards and hubs everything from high-quality, name-brand components from Adaptec and ADS Technology to no-name Pacific Rim garbage. Our advice? Buying cheap USB port cards and hubs is a mistake. In our experience, name-brand components cost little more, are more reliable, and are much less likely to cause device conflicts.

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