Chapter 15: Implementing, Managing, and Troubleshooting Security for Network Communications (3.0)

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IP Security (IPSec) is a network layer technology that is used to secure communications. IPSec encrypts the information carried by Internet Protocol (IP) datagrams. This means that even if these packets are captured, the data contained within the packets exists only in an encrypted form and cannot be read by the interceptor. IPSec has been supported natively since Microsoft Windows 2000. Microsoft Windows Server 2003 ships with three default IPSec policies that can be applied by means of Group Policy objects (GPOs) or local policy. These policies are as follows:

  • Client (Respond Only). When this policy is configured, the computer will use IPSec only if its communication partner requests that such a connection be established. The client itself will not request that IPSec be used.

  • Server (Request Security). When this policy is configured, the computer will request that its communication partner use IPSec. If the communication partner is unable to service this request, communication will continue in an insecure manner.

  • Secure Server (Require Security). When this policy is configured, the computer will communicate only with partners that support IPSec.

On top of this set of IPSec policies, specific policies can be created that are more specific. These policies can be restricted to specific hosts, subnets, and protocols. Custom policies can also be deployed by means of GPOs or local policy.

IPSec is considered by many to be the future of communication. Without IPSec, transmissions across a network are unencrypted. Such transmissions can be intercepted by packet sniffing utilities. This could potentially lead to valuable information falling into the hands of unauthorized parties. With IPSec, even if communication is intercepted, it cannot be read because the content is encrypted.

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