Chapter 14. Operating System, Web Server, and Connectivity Tuning

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Most MySQL database servers are just one component in an overall computing strategy that depends on other advanced technologies, such as complex, modern operating systems, web servers, and application servers. In addition, all these computers rely on a network infrastructure to communicate with clients and among themselves.

This chapter reviews considerations for these ancillary technologies, particularly those that have significant consequences for MySQL responsiveness. The first section examines the interplay between the most popular MySQL-supporting operating system (Linux/Unix and Microsoft Windows), as well as how administrators can configure these operating systems to leverage faster throughput from MySQL.

Because web-based applications make up such a noteworthy portion of MySQL's installed base, the subsequent section looks at tips for setting up the right topography, one that efficiently mixes web and database servers. After the server topography is in place, this section continues onward, providing a series of tips for configuring web servers for optimal MySQL support, especially as related to environments that use PHP.

Finally, because distributed applications rely so heavily on connectivity, the chapter closes by explaining ways to reduce or optimize connections and their associated network traffic. This yields both faster applications as well as happier users.

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