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hardening linux
Hardening Linux
by John H. Terpstra, Paul Love, Ronald P. Reck and Tim Scanlon   ISBN:0072254971
McGraw-Hill/Osborne © 2004 (404 pages)

Use this hands-on resource to help you make the necessary upgrades and take the essential steps to secure your Linux systems. Learn to plan and maintain an interative security strategy, navigate "soft issues," and much more.

Table of Contents
Hardening Linux
Part I - Do These Seven Things First
Chapter 1 - Critical First Steps
Part II - Take It From The Top: The Systematic Hardening Process
Chapter 2 - Hardening Network Access: Disable Unnecessary Services
Chapter 3 - Installing Firewalls and Filters
Chapter 4 - Hardening Software Accessibility
Chapter 5 - Preparing for Disaster
Chapter 6 - Hardening Access Controls
Chapter 7 - Hardening Data Storage
Chapter 8 - Hardening Authentication and User Identity
Chapter 9 - Restricted Execution Environments
Chapter 10 - Hardening Communications
Part III - Once Is Never Enough!
Chapter 11 - Install Network Monitoring Software
Chapter 12 - Automatic Logfile Scanning
Chapter 13 - Patch Management and Monitoring
Chapter 14 - Self-Monitoring Tools
Part IV - How to Succeed at Hardening Linux
Chapter 15 - Budget Acquisition and Corporate Commitment to Security
Chapter 16 - Establishing a Security Campaign
Appendix - Additional Linux Security Resources
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Hardening Linux
Hardening Linux
ISBN: 0072254971
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Year: 2004
Pages: 113

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