Chapter 8. Updating Samba-3

It was a little difficult to select an appropriate title for this chapter. From email messages on the Samba mailing lists it is clear that many people consider the updating and upgrading of Samba to be a migration matter. Others talk about migrating Samba servers when in fact the issue at hand is one of installing a new Samba server to replace an older existing Samba server.

There has also been much talk about migration of Samba-3 from an smbpasswd passdb backend to the use of the tdbsam or ldapsam facilities that are new to Samba-3.

Clearly, there is not a great deal of clarity in the terminology that various people apply to these modes by which Samba servers are updated. This is further highlighted by an email posting that included the following neat remark:

I like the "net rpc vampire" on NT4, but that to my surprise does not seem to work against a Samba PDC and, if addressed in the Samba to Samba context in either book, I could not find it.

So in response to the significant request for these situations to be better documented, this chapter has now been added. User contributions and documentation of real-world experiences are a most welcome addition to this chapter.

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