Chapter 16: Introducing Windows Forms

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In this chapter, you will learn how to:

  • What Microsoft Windows Forms is

  • What the System::Windows::Forms namespace contains

  • How to create and use forms in applications

  • How to handle events

  • How to use the basic controls

  • How to use menus

  • How to execute and debug Windows Forms applications

Windows Forms is a powerful feature of the Microsoft Windows .NET Framework that provides a set of classes for building GUI applications. In contrast to most other GUI libraries, Windows Forms can be used from any .NET language, and you can now easily build mixed-language graphical applications.

Windows Forms is a large and complex subject, encapsulating the whole of writing GUI applications. The subject is worth a book in its own right, so the following two chapters can only scratch the surface to give you a taste of how Windows Forms operates and how you can use it to write GUI applications.

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