A remarkable number of people have contributed to the creation and development of this book, most notably Dee-Ann LeBlanc, my first-generation tech reviewer and perpetual IM buddy, and Richard Blum, tech editor and scripting expert, who offered significant and important commentary regarding the majority of the scripts in the book. Nat Torkington helped with the organization and robustness of the scripts. Others who offered invaluable assistance during the development phase include Andrey Bronfin, Martin Brown, Brian Day, Dave Ennis, Werner Klauser, Eugene Lee, Andy Lester, and John Meister. The forums have been helpful (and are a cool place to hang out online), and the team has offered great wisdom and infinite opportunities for procrastination. Finally, this book wouldn't be in your hands without the wonderful support of Bill Pollock and stylistic ministrations of Hillel Heinstein, Rebecca Pepper, and Karol Jurado: Thanks to the entire No Starch team!

I'd like to acknowledge the support of my family, Linda, Ashley, and Gareth. Though there's always something going on and someone wanting to play, some-how they've given me enough room to develop a tremendous number of scripts and write a book about it all. Amazing!

Wicked Cool Shell Scripts. 101 Scripts for Linux, Mac OS X, and Unix Systems
Wicked Cool Shell Scripts
ISBN: 1593270127
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2004
Pages: 150
Authors: Dave Taylor

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