Where to Go from Here

As mentioned in the introduction to this lesson, you have only begun to scratch the surface of the power of the Data Management Service. Many topics still need your attention to fully grasp the power of this service. They include:

  • Working with the DataService with autoCommit turned off. This is when you decide data should be sent back to the data store instead of letting FDS make the decision.

  • Using the AsyncToken class. This permits you to store data with messages returned from data interactions.

  • Working with database tables that have joins. This permits you to work with more complicated database tables. This is referred to as "hierarchical data" in the Flex Data Services documentation.

  • Securing destinations. This permits you to add security to a configured destination.

  • Clustering Flex Data Services. This gives information on using FDS in a clustered environment.

  • Resolving data synchronization conflicts. What happens if two or more users try to update the same piece of data? There is actually a conflict resolution API to assist implementation.

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