Import Access Data into Outlook

If you have contact data in Access that you'd like to transfer to Outlook, your best bet is to use the import tools in Outlook, as follows:


Select View, Navigation Pane and click Contacts.


Choose File, Import and Export.


Select Import from Another Program or File.


Choose Microsoft Access.


Follow the instructions in the rest of the wizard.

I know this last instruction is feeble, but I don't think you'll have difficulty with the wizard. The only interesting dialog box is Map Custom Fields, shown in Figure 13.12. Here you match the fields in the table (say, CustLastName) with the fields in your address book (say, Last Name) by dragging the Access field in the left pane to the Outlook field in the right pane.

Figure 13.12. The Map Custom Fields dialog box matches Access and Outlook fields.

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