Restoring an Image to a Device

Restoring an image that has been taken previously can be done via ZENworks Control Center or manually.

To restore an image from the ZENworks Control Center, execute the following:


Launch the ZENworks Control Center.


Log in as an administrator.


Create a reboot bundle. See Chapter 7, "Bundles," for more information.


Assign the bundle to the device.


Browse to the device in the ZENworks Control Center.


Press the Advanced menu item on the Preboot Work snapshot on the screen. See Figure 11.5 for a sample screen.

Figure 11.5. Sample screen of a Preboot Work advanced page.


Select the drop-down list on the Scheduled Work field and select Apply Preboot Bundle. This displays something like Figure 11.6 on the page.

Figure 11.6. Sample screen of a Preboot Work advance page with Apply selected.


Browse to and select the preboot bundle that represents the image you want to apply to this device by selecting the Browse button next to the bundle field.


Press OK.


Now reboot the device to PXE, and ZENworks places that image down onto the device.

To restore an image manually, insert the same CD that you created in the "Taking an Image Manually" section and request through the interface to have the image placed on the device.

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