If we all used the same type of computer, the same operating system, and the same application to create, edit, and distribute our documents, and we published our documents in the same format and on the same media, we might not need Acrobat technology and if only pigs could fly! Acrobat technology ”Distiller specifically ”allows us to convert just about any digital document we create into a common (application-, OS-, and computer-independent) file format, PDF. PDF, in turn , can be distributed and manipulated, using the Reader and Acrobat applications, in just about any way we can imagine.

Unfortunately, many people are unaware of most of Acrobat s robust capabilities. Most folks understand that they can create and receive PDFs and that these files can be viewed and printed by others as well. What is not commonly known is that PDF documents can and should be tailor-made for specific uses. And most people are unaware of the vast range of uses for PDF documents, such as forms, presentations, interactive multimedia, collaborative publishing, and secure document control, just to name a few. Further, many do not know how or when PDFs can or should be manipulated and edited to suit their needs.

Like other books in the Solutions series, Acrobat 6 and PDF Solutions is designed to provide rapid and ready access to the information and techniques you want, when you need them. Each technique or capability covered in this book is designed to be a standalone tutorial as much as possible. Advanced techniques and capabilities that require some basic knowledge include specific references to the background information you will need.

Who Should Read This Book

Anyone who wants to distribute their documents to others or who wants to use their documents in a variety of ways (multipurposing) will benefit from the knowledge and use of the various Acrobat technologies. Whether you need to send a copy of your latest design to your boss upstairs (who may be challenged by just turning on their computer), or you are looking for a medium within which to manipulate and distribute your documents to a worldwide audience, Acrobat and PDF technologies can be a big bonus for you.

Perhaps you would like to convert your print documents into multimedia masterpieces, presentations, or forms; or participate in a group publishing project, but have neither the time for nor the interest in learning a whole raft of new applications to accomplish these tasks ”then Acrobat may be the tool for you, and I ll show you why (and how!). If you want to learn specific Acrobat- and PDF- related tasks and techniques, then this is the book for you. If you want to learn how to turn your PDF document into an interactive form, you need only turn to that chapter (Chapter 8 in this case) and start learning the step-by-step techniques involved in creating interactive PDF forms. If you already know the basics about Acrobat and PDF and would like to know how to better take advantage of the myriad of Acrobat capabilities, this is the book for you.

Acrobat 6 and PDF Solutions
Acrobat 6 and PDF Solutions
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