12.1. The Project Description

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Create an application that will be used to run a small service business. The application needs to store customer information, standard service charges, monthly expenses, billing information, payment information, and a history of customer contact. In addition, the application needs to produce invoices and income statements, and generate marketing letters and letters for past due accounts.

The following screens are required:

  • Main Menu

  • Customer Information

  • Billing Information

  • Payment Information

  • Contact History

  • Services and Charges

  • Expense Entry

  • Invoices

  • Letters

  • Income Statements

The application should be flexible enough to allow a non-programmer to create additional letters. In addition, it is important to maintain a history of contact information for customers. It is also a requirement that the standard service charges can be overridden. It is preferred that the standard invoice be in Excel.

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    Integrating Excel and Access
    Integrating Excel and Access
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