Chapter 10: How to Testify inCourt

In This Chapter

  • Preparing for the trial

  • Concerning your appearance

  • Making sure your audience receives the right message

  • Being comfortable with your own processes

  • Learning to be brief

  • Avoiding complexities

  • Patiently justifying your actions

As a computer forensics professional, you collect evidence with the sole purpose of discovering the truth. After you collect evidence, you must be prepared to present it to someone to convince them of the truth of a matter. Some evidence you collect may be destined only to grace the pages of a summary report to your boss. At other times, you may be asked to testify in court. This chapter covers the basics of how to present yourself and your evidence in a court of law.

All of the material covered in this chapter is applicable to more informal proceedings , but your understanding of basic evidence presentation matters most when in court. Our goal is not to provide legal advice. You can research to find specific laws that govern your actions as a witness. This chapter is going to cover only the most important things you need to understand for you to be an effective witness .

Computer Forensics JumpStart
Computer Forensics JumpStart
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