Chapter 7. IPN and PDT

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Introduction: Hacks #65-86

What IPN and PDT Are

How IPN Works

Advantages of PDT

Hack  65.   Receive Instant Payment Notifications

Hack  66.   Troubleshoot Instant Payment Notifications

Hack  67.   Send a Purchase Confirmation Email with IPN

Hack  68.   Process Shopping Carts with IPN

Hack  69.   Use IPN with eBay Listings

Hack  70.   Track Your eBay Products with IPN

Hack  71.   Deliver Digital Goods with IPN

Hack  72.   Deliver Digital Goods with a Return Page

Hack  73.   Implement Price Checking with IPN

Hack  74.   Provide an Order Summary with IPN

Hack  75.   Upsell Your Customers

Hack  76.   Enable Multiple IPN Pages

Hack  77.   Use Mass Pay to Create an Affiliate System

Hack  78.   Manage Your Inventory with IPN

Hack  79.   Display Donation Goals on Your Web Site

Hack  80.   Display a Recent Donor List

Hack  81.   Capture Customer Information with IPN

Hack  82.   Insert Payment Details into a Database with IPN

Hack  83.   Insert Cart Details into a Database

Hack  84.   Track Google Referrals

Hack  85.   Process Payments like a Credit Card with PDT

Hack  86.   Synchronizing PDT and IPN

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