Chapter 8. The PayPal Web Services API

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Introduction: Hacks #87-100

Section 8.2.   Create a Developer Account

Hack  87.   Set up the Sandbox

Hack  88.   Make Your First API Call

Hack  89.   Create a Wrapper Class for Your API Calls

Hack  90.   Use the PayPal API Wrapper Class

Hack  91.   Refund Payments with the API

Hack  92.   Handle Transaction Errors within the API Wrapper

Hack  93.   Retrieve Transaction Details with the API

Hack  94.   Search for PayPal Transactions

Hack  95.   Hack the API Wrapper

Hack  96.   Issue Payments en Masse with the Mass Pay API

Hack  97.   Pay Affiliates and Suppliers on a Schedule

Hack  98.   Search eBay for Listings that Accept PayPal

Hack  99.   Test IPN and PDT in the Sandbox

Hack  100.   Go Live

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PayPal Hacks
PayPal Hacks
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