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I beg to differ (IBTD)  
I taq  
i- opener  
IBTD (I beg to differ)  
identification information
       Web pages  
       Microsoft Chat   2nd  
IE 6
       media options  
IE 6.0
       Content advisor  
Image menu
       Paint Shop Pro  
Image Palette  
       client-side   2nd  
       creating   2nd   3rd   4th  
       images, selecting  
       processing codes
               Web pages  
       server-side   2nd  
       Web pages  
       .   [See also imagemaps]
               Web pages  
               Web pages   2nd   3rd  
       alternative text
               Web pages   2nd  
       antialiasing   2nd   3rd  
       backgrounds   2nd   3rd   4th   5th  
               Web pages  
               replacing   2nd   3rd   4th  
       color depth
               increasing/ decreasing  
               Web pages  
               brush tips   2nd   3rd  
               Preset Shapes tool   2nd  
               Web pages  
               color replacements   2nd   3rd   4th  
               undoing   2nd  
               Paint Shop Pro  
       extensible programs  
       finding   2nd  
               Paint Shop Pro   2nd  
               Web pages   2nd  
       links   2nd  
               printing   2nd  
               existing   2nd  
               Paint Shop Pro   2nd  
               Paint Shop Pro   2nd  
               brightness/contrast   2nd  
               dust/scratches   2nd   3rd   4th  
               portions, deleting   2nd   3rd   4th   5th  
               sharpening   2nd   3rd  
               tools   2nd  
               Paint Shop Pro   2nd  
               drawing   2nd  
               selecting   2nd  
               Web pages   2nd  
               Web pages  
       table cells  
       tiled backgrounds  
               colors   2nd   3rd  
               selecting   2nd   3rd  
IMG SRC taq  
               Paint Shop Pro   2nd  
in other words.   [See IOW]
Inbox (email)  
incoming mail servers  
               Web pages  
InfoSpace Web site  
inline images
       Web pages   2nd  
inline video clips
       adding   2nd   3rd  
Insert Image Transition dialog box  
Insert Text Effect dialog box  
       AOL   2nd   3rd  
       disk space considerations  
       Internet Explorer  
       Navigator   2nd  
       third-party filters   2nd   3rd  
instant messaging  
       .   [See also chat rooms]
               sending   2nd  
Instant Messenger  
               sending   2nd  
       Paint Shop Pro   2nd   3rd  
       .   [See also Web]
               copy shops  
               cyber cafe  
               public libraries  
       access restrictions  
               access numbers  
               broadband   2nd   3rd  
               Cable Internet   2nd   3rd  
               dial-up   2nd   3rd  
               dial-up vs online service accounts  
               DSL   2nd  
               free   2nd  
               ISPs   2nd  
               local access numbers   2nd   3rd  
               local ISPs   2nd   3rd  
               logging in/out  
               newsgroup access  
               online services   2nd   3rd   4th   5th   6th   7th  
               passwords   2nd   3rd  
               pricing plans  
                signup programs   2nd   3rd   4th   5th  
               toll-free access  
               usernames   2nd   3rd  
               Web server space  
       bulletin boards  
       chat rooms   2nd   3rd  
               AOL   2nd   3rd   4th   5th   6th   7th  
               chat windows   2nd  
               ignoring members  
               Microsoft Chat   2nd  
               Microsoft Chat.   [See Microsoft Chat]
               Yahoo!   2nd  
        clients   2nd  
       communications media   2nd  
       computer requirements
               PCs   2nd  
               without signup programs   2nd   3rd   4th  
       history   2nd  
       instant messaging  
               sending messages   2nd  
       mailing lists  
               AKC exercise   2nd  
               ESPN exercise   2nd  
               links   2nd  
               navigation buttons   2nd  
       platform independence   2nd  
       servers   2nd  
               clients   2nd  
               finding   2nd  
               suites   2nd  
               Windows 95  
               Windows 98/NT/2000/ME   2nd  
       video conferences  
       voice conferences  
       Web browsing   2nd   3rd  
       Web pages  
       Web sites
       Web-based email   2nd  
Internet Explorer
       Active X controls  
       basic features  
       Content Advisor   2nd   3rd  
               configuring   2nd   3rd  
               Microsoft Chat  
       content options  
       downloading   2nd   3rd  
       Explorer bar  
               Personal Bar  
               Personal bar  
               Search Companion  
       Favorite Places   2nd   3rd  
        frames support  
       general options   2nd  
       helper programs  
       home page  
       HTML extensions  
       Media pane  
       obtaining   2nd  
       one-click buttons  
               downloaded audio/video, playing   2nd  
               finding   2nd  
               MP3s   2nd   3rd  
               streaming audio/video  
               streaming audio/video, playing   2nd  
       Related Links  
       selecting   2nd  
               entering/editing   2nd   3rd  
       URLs, entering  
Internet Filter, The Web site  
Internet Movie Database Web site  
Internet Relay Chat (IRC)  
Internet Relay Chat.   [See IRC]
Internet Service Providers.   [See ISPs]
Invert command
       Selections menu  
investing online  
       financial advice   2nd  
IOW (in other words)  
IP addresses  
iPaqs   2nd  
       .   [See also Microsoft Chat]
IRC (Internet Relay Chat)   2nd  
       (Internet Service Providers)  
               finding   2nd   3rd  
       local access  
               examples of  
       password for mail reception  
       setup software  
       signup software  
               running   2nd  
       toll-free access  
italic HTML tag  
italic text
       Web pages   2nd  

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