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H1 taq  
handheld computers
       wireless Internet access   2nd  
hard disks
       minimum requirements
       PC requirements  
               CD-ROM drive requirements  
               hard disks  
               Internet requirements   2nd   3rd  
               Mac CD-ROM drives  
               Mac memory  
               Mac monitors  
               Mac operating systems  
               Mac processors  
               monitor requirements  
               PC operating systems  
               processor speeds  
               selecting   2nd   3rd  
       Internet options   2nd  
               speed   2nd  
               telephone line interference  
       Net appliances   2nd  
               i- opener  
               iPaqs   2nd  
               limitations   2nd  
               MailStation   2nd  
       wireless Internet  
       wireless Internet access
                cell phone/PDA combinations   2nd  
               cell phones/ pagers  
               email devices   2nd  
               handheld computers   2nd  
               laptops   2nd  
HEAD taq  
       email messages  
       tables   2nd  
       Web pages   2nd   3rd  
               Paint Shop Pro  
       Paint Shop Pro  
       Tip of the Day (Paint Shop Pro)  
Help menu
       Paint Shop Pro  
helper programs  
               downloaded, playing   2nd  
               streaming, playing   2nd  
       finding   2nd  
Hide Marquee command
       Selections menu  
       Composer toolbars  
       palettes   2nd  
hierarchical sites  
hierarchical Web pages  
               Web pages   2nd  
       Internet   2nd  
hit lists
       search terms   2nd   3rd  
Home button
       Internet navigation  
home pages   2nd  
       Internet Explorer  
       links   2nd  
       Netscape Navigator  
       Web portals  
home Web pages  
Horizontal Line Properties dialog box  
horizontal lines
       HTML tag  
       images as  
       Web pages   2nd   3rd   4th  
hosting services
HostSearch Web site  
hot wax coating
HR tag  
HR taq  
HTML   2nd   3rd   4th   5th  
       .   [See also XHTML]
       browser variations  
       extensions   2nd   3rd  
        frames pages, creating   2nd   3rd  
       horizontal lines  
       inline images  
       source code
       source code, viewing  
               (angle brackets)  
               A HREF  
               BASE TARGET  
               Composer   2nd   3rd  
               HR   2nd  
               IMG SRC  
       text-only browsers   2nd   3rd  
       unnumbered lists  
       Web pages  
HTML Assistant Pro   2nd   3rd  
       Composer pages, editing   2nd  
               fields, adding   2nd   3rd  
               fields, customizing   2nd  
               labels, editing   2nd  
       forms template   2nd   3rd  
       frames pages, creating   2nd  
       inline video clips, adding   2nd   3rd  
       marquees, creating   2nd  
HTML taq  
http/ https  
       Web addresses  

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