Part 3. Adding Text to a Page

Pretty soon, you'll start adding pictures to your page (or replacing pictures that the template put there). And by all means, pictures are important. But it's the words, or text , that carry most of your content. Text does the critical job of saying what you want your Web page to say. It might not always be the coolest thing on your pages, but it's usually the most important thing.

When you start with a blank page, the only place you can type new text is at the top of the page. After text or other objects are in the page, you can insert text in various spots within the page by clicking between objects to position the insertion point there.

In this part, you explore the ways you create, edit, and correct Web page text in FrontPage 2003. You'll find that the job is much like using a word processor ”only easier. (And in Part 4, "Dressing Up Your Text," you'll learn how to make that text look sharp!)

Easy Microsoft Office FrontPage 2003
Easy Microsoft Office FrontPage 2003
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