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     and apertures
     experimenting with
     explanation of
family, accommodating during travel
     100 PPI screen versus 240 PPI print
     66-second exposure [See also accidental photography, digital photos, photos, shots]
     75-300mm Canon compact telephoto zoom lens
     Adirondack Mountains (New York)
     backing up photos on CDs or DVDs
     Badlands sunset
     big lens
     blower bulb
     blue boat and tree 2nd
     boats on beach
     Bridge Day festival (West Virginia)
     car inverters
     cat shot with wide-angle lens
     church interior
     circular polarizer effect 2nd 3rd
     close-up of subject
     close-up of subject with telephoto
     compact cameras
     comparative views
     compressed market scene in Eastern Europe
     Costa Rican carvings
     daylight white balance
     Dubrovnik, Croatia 2nd
     Eastern European colors for painting
     European town with power lines and satellite dish
     external card reader
     f/11 aperture
     f/2.8 aperture
     Fallesen family in Rockies
     faulty umbrella
     film versus digital media
     flashlight and headlamp
     Flashtrax digital wallet by SmartDisk
     flower market
     giraffe and baby
     Grouse Mountain, Vancouver, BC, Canada
     hard cases
     hard drives for storing photos
     improved view and interesting foreground
     Indian spires at sunset
     Indian woman and child
     inkjet printer
     Internet cafe
     Joshua Tree National Park
     La Placita Village, Tucson
     laptop used in travel
     large shoulder bag
     long telephoto and wildlife close-up
     Malaysian sunset in hot weather
     Marrakech souk
     memory cards
     metering options
     Moroccan ceremony
     navigation gear
     ND and graduated yellow filters
     Nikon 18-70mm "normal" lens
     Nikon 70-200mm f/2.8 zoom (vibration reduction)
     Nikon 80-400mm Vibration Reduction zoom
     Nikon Coolpix LCD
     Nikon SB-800 Speedlight display
     Opatija, Croatia
     over-packing for trips
     panoramas 2nd
     pessimist packing
     point-and-shoot versus SLR cameras
     portable hard drives
     power adapters and converters
     protest march (Teaneck, New Jersey)
     Queenstown, New Zealand
     rainy weather
     RAW format
     removable batteries
     Rocky Mountain National Park
     rolling camera cases
     Rule of Thirds
     San Jose, Costa Rica
     second cameras
     security and metal detectors in airports
     shooting on vertical surface
     shooting sports
     short, normal lens (Vancouver mailboxes)
     shoulder bag
     Sikh temple
     slow shutter speed used with stream
     small camera bag
     snake charmers in India 2nd
     sunlight through trees
     Tombstone, Arizona old-time western character
     trolley stop en route to Croatia
     Trump Tower, New York City
     Yellowstone National Park 2nd
     Yosemite Falls 2nd
file structure, creating for photos 2nd
     adding information to
     labeling in folders
     versus digital photography
     versus digital sensors 2nd
film shooters, tip for
filter vendors, examples of
filters, effects of 2nd 3rd
five-megapixel cameras
     image files created by
     using storage cards with
flashes, traveling with
flashlights, traveling with
Flashtrax digital wallet by SmartDisk, traveling with
focal length
     of point-and-shoot cameras
     significance of 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
foreign tourist boards, finding

Blue Pixel Guide to Travel Photography, The. Perfect Photos Every Time
Blue Pixel Guide to Travel Photography: Perfect Photos Every Time, The
ISBN: 0321356772
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2005
Pages: 79
Authors: David Schloss

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