Using the Extract Tool 210

Using the Filter Gallery 213

Using the Liquify Feature 214

Using Pattern Maker 215

Working with the Vanishing Point Feature 215

Understanding Filter Categories 217

Working with Digimarc 227

Correcting Images 227

There are infinite ways you can alter an image, whether for purposes of repair, creative enhancement, or color correction. Most of the effects in this chapter require that a layer be rasterized if it contains type or a vector shape. We'll look at different filters and how you can make use of them.

A detailed look at the ins and outs of every filter is beyond the scope of this chapter. Besides, more than half the fun of working with Photoshop and the filters in particular is trying things on your own.

Images can be fixed and enhancedfrom such minor things as sharpening blurry images and removing dust and blemishes from scanned images, to extracting foreground objects from backgrounds and creating custom patterns from portions of images. If you encounter a filter that is unavailable for your particular image, it is likely due to the color mode of the image. RGB is the color mode where the most filters are available.

Special Edition Using Adobe Creative Suite 2
Special Edition Using Adobe Creative Suite 2
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