Web forms can be presented on your web pages in a variety of ways. In GoLive, you can build your web form inside a table using the layout grid and layout text box. The basic function of forms is to gather information, but that doesn't mean you can't add a few graphics here and there to make the page look good.

Here are some suggestions for creating effective and appealing forms:

  • Make forms visually appealing by including colors and graphics, just as you would for any other web page. This keeps the form connected to your site stylistically, and it also makes the exchange of information seem less intimidating.

  • Keep instructions brief and to the point, and try to stay clear of confusing language and jargon.

  • Group like information together. GoLive enables you to group form elements into sets, with visual cues such as bounding boxes to alert users that this information belongs together.

  • Ensure that the tab order in the form enables easy and logical navigation through the form.

  • Because some browsers display form elements much larger than intended, be sure to include extra space in your layout to compensate for any shifting that may occur. Be sure to test your forms often and thoroughly, on a variety of browsers and platforms, to make sure your layout remains intact.

  • Keep your forms as short as possible. Collect only the information you really need. Make it quick and easy for your visitors.

  • Don't make very many of the fields requiredonly those that you absolutely can't do without.

  • Use fast selection tools such as radio buttons, check boxes, and pop-up menus, and prefill them with common selections.

Special Edition Using Adobe Creative Suite 2
Special Edition Using Adobe Creative Suite 2
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