Chapter 18. Security and Encryption

    Section 18.0.  Introduction

    Recipe 18.1.  Preventing Session Fixation

    Recipe 18.2.  Protecting Against Form Spoofing

    Recipe 18.3.  Ensuring Input Is Filtered

    Recipe 18.4.  Avoiding Cross-Site Scripting

    Recipe 18.5.  Eliminating SQL Injection

    Recipe 18.6.  Keeping Passwords Out of Your Site Files

    Recipe 18.7.  Storing Passwords

    Recipe 18.8.  Dealing with Lost Passwords

    Recipe 18.9.  Verifying Data with Hashes

    Recipe 18.10.  Encrypting and Decrypting Data

    Recipe 18.11.  Storing Encrypted Data in a File or Database

    Recipe 18.12.  Sharing Encrypted Data with Another Web Site

    Recipe 18.13.  Detecting SSL

    Recipe 18.14.  Encrypting Email with GPG

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