Chapter 8. Web Basics

    Section 8.0.  Introduction

    Recipe 8.1.  Setting Cookies

    Recipe 8.2.  Reading Cookie Values

    Recipe 8.3.  Deleting Cookies

    Recipe 8.4.  Redirecting to a Different Location

    Recipe 8.5.  Detecting Different Browsers

    Recipe 8.6.  Building a Query String

    Recipe 8.7.  Reading the Post Request Body

    Recipe 8.8.  Generating HTML Tables with Alternating Row Styles

    Recipe 8.9.  Using HTTP Basic or Digest Authentication

    Recipe 8.10.  Using Cookie Authentication

    Recipe 8.11.  Flushing Output to the Browser

    Recipe 8.12.  Buffering Output to the Browser

    Recipe 8.13.  Compressing Web Output

    Recipe 8.14.  Reading Environment Variables

    Recipe 8.15.  Setting Environment Variables

    Recipe 8.16.  Communicating Within Apache

    Recipe 8.17.  Program: Web Site Account (De)activator

    Recipe 8.18.  Program: Tiny Wiki

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