Using the Global Video Track

The Global Video track provides a thumbnail view of the video you're scoring across the top of the Arrange window. The thumbnails let you see at a glance the various scenes in the movie. And you can also use the Global Video track to open or close Logic's internal movie display window. Any way you slice it, the Global Video track is central to scoring video in Logic, so let's dive in.


Navigate to the APTS_Logic_7 > Song Files > Lesson 13 Project Files folder, and open the song file named 13Begin.lso.


From the Arrange window's local menu bar, choose View > Global Track Components > Video.

The Global Video track opens at the top of the Arrange area.


A hard cut is a point in the video where a whole scene changes from one frame to the next. In other words, the entire picture must change. The Detect Cuts button scans the movie and places a marker in Logic's Bar Ruler for every hard cut it finds. This function will not identify transitions that blend one scene into the next.

Opening a Movie in Logic

The Track List portion of the Global Video track has an Open Movie button. As its label promises, clicking the button opens a movie in Logic and thumbnail images are displayed in the Global Video track.


In the Track List portion of the Global Video track, click the Open Movie button.

An Open dialog appears.


In the Open dialog, navigate to the APTS_Logic_7 > Song Files > Lesson 13 Project Files > Movie Files folder, and double-click the movie named Turtles.mp4.

The movie opens in a floating Movie window.

If you close the Movie window, the movie itself does not close; it is still visible as thumbnail images in the Global Video track.


In the top left corner of the Movie window, click the Close button.

The Movie window closes, but the images are still visible as thumbnails.


In the Track List portion of the Global Video track, click Open Movie again.

The Movie window reopens.


You can open movies in either a standard or floating window by visiting the Options > Movies menu. This menu contains options for reopening a closed Movie window similar to toggling the Open Movie button in the Global Video track.

Changing the Movie Window's Display Size

Screen real estate plays an important role in scoring video because you need to see both your video and your arrangement at the same time. Logic provides several options for changing the display size of the Movie window.


Click and hold anywhere on the Movie window.

A menu pops open. The top portion of the menu lists several Movie window display sizes.


In Logic Express, the Movie window menu has fewer options than shown in the figure.


Select a display size.

The Movie window changes to the selected size.

The Movie window also contains a presentation mode you can use while auditioning your score.


Logic Pro users, double-click any portion of the Movie window.

The movie expands to fill the screen. Additionally, the Parameter display at the bottom of the Movie window is hidden.


To shrink the Movie window to its default size, double-click the expanded movie.

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