Working with managed resources is a radical departure from the old resource script method employed in previous versions of Visual C++. Although the process may seem more involved until the toolset matures within the VS .NET IDE, the advantages to using managed resources can make up for this in the long run. If you're planning on sharing resources between programming languages, using managed resources will greatly simplify the process.

In this hour, you learned how to use managed resources and how to access them using the .NET Framework. You used the ResEditor tool to simplify the creation of the .resx file, which was later added to the build cycle and embedded within your assembly. Finally, you learned how simple it is to use the ResourceManager class to access those resources at runtime.


Sams Teach Yourself Visual C++. NET in 24 Hours
Sams Teach Yourself Visual C++.NET in 24 Hours
ISBN: 0672323230
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2002
Pages: 237

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