Can any Windows Form have a menu and/or toolbar?


Because a toolbar is nothing more than another control, any Windows Form can have a toolbar. However, the client area for the window will not be as easy to keep separated as it is with an MDI application. Even in Windows applications written with MFC, any window can have a menu, and that's the case with Windows Forms, except that only the form can have a menu, not the controls. However, the only real use for a menu that meets usability standards is as the main window of the application.


Are there any resource files used in .NET applications or am I required to ship a set of image files with my application?


There is an actual .NET resource file that's used to store application information, including binary images and values. This file is an XML file with the extension .resx, and it's compiled with the resgen.exe program. More information on this is covered in the next hour.


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Sams Teach Yourself Visual C++.NET in 24 Hours
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