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Why would you want to include a .resx file in your project rather than just including the already compiled .resources file?


In case you need to make changes to the resources contained within the .resx file. You can't make changes to a compiled .resources file.


What is an advantage of using managed resources compared to unmanaged resources? What are some disadvantages?


Managed resources are handled by the common language runtime and thus gain all the advantages that it entails. However, there is currently more work that needs to be done to Visual C++ .NET to make working with managed resources easier.


Can you use the GetObject function within the ResourceManager class to retrieve a string resource?


Yes, you can. The GetString function is just a modified GetObject call that automatically performs the cast from the Object type to the String object. You can call GetObject and cast to a String object to retrieve a string resource.


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Sams Teach Yourself Visual C++.NET in 24 Hours
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