There is really only one scenario: the NSP provides a full range of MSP 2.0 services at whatever QoS levels are commercially feasible. QoS must vary widely with geographic market, since high quality geographic data is very expensive and only available in a few areas. Data capable of supporting in-car navigation is available in Western Europe, North America, and Japan. Only in Japan does it seem to have reached a state where data providers actually earn significant profits. The key factors in developing a sustainable business globally are the rationalization of the data supplier business and the expansion of the end-user market to data capable mobile phones.

Delivering to a mobile service provider

The wireless operators are passing through a painful transition phase where the new spectrum, technology, and infrastructure needed to broaden the end-user market are themselves very expensive in comparison with the end user revenues then generate. Most operators agree that there is no choice but to move forward; however, the pace may be slower than pure technical factors would dictate.

The ability of a NSP to easily scale services delivered through a simple mechanism such as .NET and MSP 2.0 is a strong recommendation for the use of a compatible set of operating systems, enterprise server components, and Internet standard service delivery architectures.

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