The routine Search_Click is defined in the class CatalogBase, which is inherited by many of the classes that support pages through the International Retail Site. This routine ends up being executed when the catalog search button is clicked on any of these pages. The annotated version of the routine Search_Click, found in the file CatalogBase.vb, follows:

Private Sub Search_Click(ByVal Sender As Object, _                          ByVal e As System.EventArgs) _             Handles catalogSearchCtl.SearchBtn_Click 

The catalog(s) to be searched for the keyword(s) specified in the search control are recorded in their respective properties in the CatalogBase class, and are retrieved in the next routine shown, Page_Load.

    searchCatalogVal = catalogSearchCtl.Catalog     searchKeywordsVal = catalogSearchCtl.Keywords 

The query string parameter "callingPage=CatalogBase" is established and control is transferred to the page SearchResults.aspx.

    Dim paramNames(0) As String     Dim paramValues(0) As String     paramNames(0) = URLQueryParameterNames.callingPage     paramValues(0) = "CatalogBase"     CommerceApplication.ServerTransfer("SearchResults.aspx", paramNames, paramValues) End Sub
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