Configure SAP R3 System

Configure SAP R/3 System

This section describes the SAP R/3 system configuration and may be done by your SAP System Administrator. You need to configure an RFC Destination and a Transactional Remote Function Call (tRFC) port.

To configure SAP R/3 system

  1. Associate the tRFC Port with the RFC Destination.
  2. Target the RFC Destination with a specific COM for ABAP server. This is typically the same computer on which the SAP DCOM Connector and BizTalk Adapter for SAP are installed.

    This is done by using the Program ID field in the RFC Destination. The Program ID is the identifier used by SAP to establish a connection with the COM for ABAP server. The Program ID associated with your RFC Destination is used in one of the steps in Configure COM for ABAP below.

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