Answering the following questions will reinforce key information presented in this chapter. If you’re unable to answer a question, review the appropriate lesson and then try the question again. Answers to the questions can be found in the appendix.

  1. You want to monitor performance on your Windows 2000 computer. You want to first establish a baseline and then conduct ongoing monitoring. Which Microsoft tool allows you to establish a baseline and then measure the ongoing performance of your system?
  2. You’re the network administrator for your organization and you’re monitoring performance on an IIS server. You discover that the Inetinfo working set often uses all the available RAM. In addition, during those peak usages of RAM disk activity is high. What’s the most likely cause of the problem?
  3. You’re auditing logon events on your IIS server. You’re interested only in failed logon events; however, the Security log shows successful logon attempts and failed logon events. As a result, your log reaches its maximum size too quickly. How can you log only failed events?
  4. You’re using IIS logging to log the activity on your Web site. You want to log all events to a SQL Server database. You create a database, a data source name (DSN), and a table within the database to store the logged events. Which log format should you use when configuring IIS logging?
  5. You’re developing a disaster recovery strategy for your IIS servers. As part of that strategy, you determine that you must prepare recovery systems to have in place should a disaster occur. You create the necessary Windows 2000 Setup disks, Startup disks, and ERDs. What other step should you take in preparing your recovery systems?
  6. As part of a disaster recovery strategy that you’re developing for your organization, you plan to test various system components to try to predict failure and to practice recovery procedures. Your tests will include internal and external components. What situations should you try to simulate when you stress test your system?

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