The following questions are intended to reinforce key information presented in this chapter. If you are unable to answer a question, review the appropriate lesson and then try the question again. Answers to the questions can be found in the appendix.

  1. You've found that certain DNS resource records in your DNS zone have been overwritten with incorrect information. When you inspect the domain controller that should own the resource records, you find that the IP configuration is correct. What could be causing the overwrite of the resource records?

  2. Are there any circumstances in which a Windows 2000 DHCP server that hasn't been authorized is still able to issue IP addresses?

  3. Your organization has deployed RIS servers to assist with the deployment of Windows 2000. Users are responsible for starting the remote installations. Clients have been selecting the incorrect images, and management wants to tighten security to allow only the user to install the correct image. What can you do to enforce installation of the correct image?

  4. Your RIS deployment is working as expected. The users of the network are performing the RIS installations and the client computers are getting the correct RIS images applied. The only problem is that the computer accounts are all being created in the Computers container. What's wrong with your design?

  5. After attending a Windows 2000 course, several of the help desk personnel have started using the SNMPutilg.exe utility from the Windows 2000 support tools to query SNMP agents on the network. What can you do to track which help desk personnel are attempting this unauthorized access?

  6. You need to manage a DC at a remote site on your network, and you don't want any users of the network to use the terminal server. What can you do to ensure that only administrators can access the Terminal Services on the DC?

  7. A branch manager's laptop isn't working. To allow the manager to continue working, the local network administrator has told him to use the terminal server as a desktop replacement for the rest of the day. The branch manager needs to check stock prices on the Internet. After he uses the local modem to connect to the Internet, you find that the Internet connection is also available to the Terminal Service clients. Is this expected behavior? What can you do to prevent this from happening?


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