Section 1.5. Summary

1.5. Summary

With CSS, it is possible to completely change the way elements are presented by a user agent. This can be executed at a basic level with the display property, and in a different way by associating style sheets with a document. The user will never know whether this is done via an external or embedded style sheet, or even with an inline style. The real importance of external style sheets is the way in which they allow authors to put all of a site's presentation information in one place, and point all of the documents to that place. This not only makes site updates and maintenance a breeze, but it helps to save bandwidth since all of the presentation is removed from documents.

To make the most of the power of CSS, authors need to know how to associate a set of styles with the elements in a document. To fully understand how CSS can do all of this, authors need a firm grasp of the way CSS selects pieces of a document for styling, which is the subject of the next chapter.

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