e-commerce applications

See enterprise applications.

economies of scale

In economics, on the supply side, describes a situation where the marginal unit cost of production is below average cost (strongly characteristic of software), and on the demand side, a situation when unit value increases with market share because of network effects (offset by declining demand).


See software.


See composition.


See module.


See cryptography.

enterprise applications

Software applications that serve end-to-end business processes in an organization. Major categories include enterprise resource planning (ERP), enterprise asset management (EAM), and customer relationship management (CRM). Increasingly, these are extended to suppliers and customers, creating e-commerce applications.


See release.


A bundle of hardware and software that is manufactured and sold as a unit. Hardware includes those capabilities of information technology based on material devices, such as a processor (supports the execution of a program), storage (supports the shift of data from now to the future), or network (supports the shift of data from here to there).

escrowed encryption

See cryptography.


See processing.

expense accounting

See capitalization accounting.


See network.

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