Section A.1. Internationalization

A.1. Internationalization

Table A-1 compares internationalization application programming interfaces (APIs) between Solaris and Linux.

Table A-1. Internationalization APIs

Solaris libc

GNU libc


iconv, iconv_open, iconv_close

iconv, iconv_open, iconv_close

Translation functions

wcsncat, wcsdup, wcscmp, wcsncmp, wcscpy, wcsncpy, wcschr, wcsrchr, wcslen, wcsol, wcsspn, wcscspn, wcspbrk, wcstok, wcswcs, wcstombs, wctomb, wcwidth, wcswidth, wctob, wcrtomb, wcstoul, wcstod, wcsrtombs, wcscat

wcscat, wcsncat, wcscmp, wcsncmp, wcscpy, wcsncpy, wcslen, wcschr, wcsrchr, wcsstr, wcspbrk, wcsspn, wcscspn, wcswcs, wcstok, wcscoll, wcwidth, wcswidth, wcsxfrm, wcstombs, wctomb, wctob, wcstoul, wcstod, wcsrtombs, wcsdup

Wide-character string functions

btowc, mbrlen, mbsinit, mbrtowc, mbsrtowcs, mblen, mbtowc, mbstowcs

btowc, mbrlen, mbsinit, mbrtowc, mbsrtowcs, mblen, mbtowc, mbstowcs

Multibyte handling

isalpha, isupper, islower, isdigit, isxdigit, isalnum, isspace, ispunct, isprint, iscntrl, isascii, isgraph, isphonogram, isideogram, isenglish, isnumber, isspecial, iswalpha, iswupper, iswlower, iswdigit, iswxdigit, iswalnum, iswspace, iswpunct, iswprint, iswgraph, iswcntrl, iswascii

isascii, isalnum, isalpha, isblank, iscntrl, isdigit, isgraph, islower, isprint, ispunct, isspace, isupper, isxdigit, iswalnum, iswalpha, iswblank, iswcntrl, iswctype, iswdigit, iswgraph, iswlower, iswprint, iswpunct, iswspace, iswupper, iswxdigit

Character classifications

geTDate, strftime, strptime

getdate, strftime, strptime

Date and time formatting

strcoll, strxfrm, wcscoll, wcsxfrm

strcoll, strxfrm, wcscoll, wcsxfrm

Collation functions

wsprintf, wsscanf, fwprintf, fwscanf, wprintf, wscanf, swprintf, swscanf, vfwprintf, vswprintf

wprintf, fwprintf, swprintf, vwprintf, vfwprintf, vswprintf, fwscanf, swscanf, wscanf

Formatted wide-character input and output

wscasecmp, wsncasecmp, wcsstr, wmemchr, wmemcmp, wmemcpy, wmemmove, wmemset

wcsstr, wmemchr, wmemcmp, wmemcpy, wmemmove, wmemset, wcsncmp, wcsncasecmp

Wide string comparison and filling operations

regcomp, regexec, regerror, regfree, fnmatch

regcomp, regexec, regerror, regfree, fnmatch

Regular expressions

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