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How is the topic ID value passed to the showtopic.php script?


What else, besides telling the user the topic was successfully added, could we do at the end of the do_addtopic.php script?



Through the $_GET superglobal, named as the the value of $_GET[topic_id].


Just like with the replytopost.php script, we could eliminate the message display and simply redirect the user to the topic they just created, showing their new topic and post in all its glory.


You'll notice that none of these pages are really tied together with any sort of navigation. Take these basic framework scripts and apply some navigational flow to them. Make sure that the users can always add a topic or return to the topic list from any given page, for example.

If you're feeling really ambitious, use the information provided in the Q&A section to integrate and display multiple forums into your tidy little discussion board.

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