Supporting the Selling Process: What Organizations Can Do

The job of selling comes with a unique set of challenges. Salespeople are out there every day—risking rejection to advance their organization, struggling to outsell the competition, trying to identify and stay on top of new opportunities, and making time to enhance relations with existing customers.

It’s true that many salespeople are self-motivated. Even the most motivated, however, benefit from organizational support— and can suffer when it’s missing. It is this support that can move average performers into the top ranks and help top players polish their star.

What types of support do they want? Here is what some salespeople in our research had to say.

  • Focus. “I have so much going on, I can easily get distracted. I use the compensation plan to focus. . . . It’s hard to stay focused on abstract concepts like a ‘business plan.’ So if our comp plan rewards new business, that’s what I’ll go out and get.” (Salesperson)

  • Information. “One way the organization distracts me is by not giving me the information I need. Last week, nobody could give me some pricing I desperately needed . . . so I made it up. This is time consuming and very stressful.” (Salesperson)

  • Useful tools. “I use a time-management software program that lets me track customers, keep to-do lists, everything. The ironic thing is I battled the company for years to let me use it. Now it’s the company standard.” (Salesperson)

Strategies That Win Sales. Best Practices of the World's Leading Organizations
Strategies That Win Sales: Best Practices of the Worlds Leading Organizations
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