Building and Running the Project


The e-commerce project is available on the enclosed CD-ROM. Copy the project directory from the CD-ROM to your hard disk. Under Windows, start the server by double-clicking server.bat . Next double-click http://PostOrder.html to open it in a browser. Create one or more orders and send them to the supplier.

Now, point your browser to http://localhost:8080/ship , which is the address for the shipping application. Review the orders you have just created and confirm shipping. This will create invoices and post them to the buyer.


This project uses Xalan 1.0 as the XSLT processor. If you're using another processor, you will need to adapt Post and Ship .

The project also uses Jetty as the Web server. However, because it is based on servlets, it should be easy to adapt to another Web server. You can add servlet support to most Web servers through JRun.

The project on the CD includes a database, but if you need to re-create it, you can use the following statement:

 CREATE TABLE documents (id INTEGER IDENTITY,original VARCHAR, document VARCHAR,address graphics/ccc.gif VARCHAR,new BIT); 

Use Hypersonic SQL DatabaseManager to execute the statement. You must create two databases. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Select Hypersonic SQL Standalone.

  2. The URL is jdbc:HypersonicSQL:db/buyer .

  3. Issue the previously mentioned CREATE TABLE statement.

  4. Select File, Connect.

  5. Select Hypersonic SQL Standalone.

  6. The second URL is jdbc:HypersonicSQL:db/buyer .

  7. Execute the statement again to create the second database.


The project uses Hypersonic SQL for the database. Because Hypersonic SQL is a JDBC database, adapting it to other JDBC databases (including Access, Oracle, and SQL Server) should be easy.


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