This chapter described the various tools that support the technologies discussed in Part 1 of this book. You should use the information in this chapter as a beginning for researching the appropriate fault and performance tools for your network management strategy.

The types of tools covered include the following:

  • NMS frameworks

  • Knowledge base

  • Performance measurements and reporting

  • Configuring event generation

  • Event management

  • Fault management

  • Policy management

Because the network management landscape is constantly changing, applications may have changed, disappeared, or added. Please consult the listed references that follow and contact your Cisco representative for up-to-date information.

In the next chapter, you will learn about some statistical methods that can be used to better understand your network's performance.

Performance and Fault Management
Performance and Fault Management: A Practical Guide to Effectively Managing Cisco Network Devices (Cisco Press Core Series)
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