Section 3.6. Installing Additional Prompts

3.6. Installing Additional Prompts

The asterisk-sounds package contains many useful professionally recorded prompts. It is highly recommended that you install it now, as we will be using some of the prompts from this package in later chapters. To do so, run the following commands:

 #  cd /usr/src/asterisk-sounds  #  make install  

Other Useful Add-ons

The asterisk-addons package contains code to allow the storage of Call Detail Records (CDRs) to a MySQL database and to natively play MP3s, as well as an interpreter for loading Perl code into memory for the life of an Asterisk process. Programs are placed into asterisk-addons when there are licensing issues preventing them from being implemented directly into the Asterisk source code, or when they are not yet ready for primetime.

The g729/ directory contains the code and registration program for the proprietary G.729 codec . Even if your end devices have the G.729 codec installed, in order to allow the phones to communicate with Asterisk using G.729 (e.g., in voicemail or to allow attended transfers), you must purchase a license. Licenses for the codec can be purchased online from Digium and activated with the registration program contained in the g729/ directory.

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