Section D.19. features.conf

D.19. features.conf

features.conf , the file formally known as parking.conf , contains configuration information related to call parking and call transfers. Call parking configuration options include:

  • The extension to dial to park calls ( parkext => )

  • The extension range to park calls in ( parkpos => )

  • Which context to park calls in ( context => )

  • How long a call can remain parked for before ringing the extension that parked it ( parkingtime => )

  • The sound file played to the parked caller when the call is removed from parking ( courtesytone => )

  • ADSI parking announcements ( asdipark=yesno )

In addition to the call parking options, in this file you can configure the button mappings for blind transfers, attended transfers, one-touch recording, disconnections, and the pickup extension (which allows you to answer a remotely ringing extension).

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