PrivacyManager( )

PrivacyManager( ) Requires a caller to enter his or her phone number, if no Caller ID information is received

 PrivacyManager(  ) 

If no Caller ID is received, answers the channel and asks the caller to enter his or her phone number. By default, the caller is given three attempts. If after three attempts the caller has not entered at least a 10-digit phone number, and if there exists a priority n +101 (where n is the current priority), the channel will be set up to continue at that priority level. Otherwise, it returns . If Caller ID was received on the channel, PrivacyManager( ) does nothing..

The privacy.conf configuration file changes the functionality of the PrivacyManger( ) application. It contains the following two lines:


Specifies the maximum number of attempts the caller is allowed to input a Caller ID number (default: 3 )


Specifies the minimum allowable digits in the input Caller ID number (default: 10 )

 exten => 123,1,Answer(  )     exten => 123,2,PrivacyManager(  )     exten => 123,3,Dial(Zap/1)     exten => 123,103,Playback(im-sorry)     exten => 123,104,Playback(vm-goodbye) 

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