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     abbreviated syntax
     button OnClick event handler
     common event code
     default code for XAML application, generated in Visual Studio
     event handler implementation
     event handler syntax
     file generarted by MSBuild
Canvas element 2nd
     absolute positioning of elements on
CharKeyFrame element
CheckBox element
child elements
     content control with multiple
     declaration of
     DockPanel, altering position of
     event routing
     placement within Grid cells
Children property
class files, Avalon application
     .NET Framework, correspondence to XAML tags
     content control-derived
     dependency properties on CLR classes
Click event 2nd
clipping regions
CloseSegment element
CLR (Common Language Runtime)
     assemblies, generation with MSBuild
     classes, representation by XAML elements
     representation of classes in XAML elements
code, inlining in XAML files
     application logic and event processing
     event handlers 2nd 3rd
     file generated in Visual Studio for XAML application
     targeting an element for animation
Color element 2nd
ColorAnimation element
     mixing with DoubleAnimation
ColorKeyFrame element
colors, predefined
Column attribute (Grid)
ColumnDefinition element
CombinedGeometry element
ComboBox element
common language runtime properties
compilation of XAML
complex attributes
Configuration attribute
Content attribute
     modifying with triggers
content controls
ContentControl element
ContextMenu element
Control class
Control element
     FontWeight property
     IsMouseOver attribute
     Padding attribute
control elements
     content controls
     item controls
     simple controls
controls 2nd
     base control reference
     common event reference
     Content attribute
     core control reference
     events raised by
     grouping together to use common event handler
     modifying style with Triggers
.g.cs file

XAML in a Nutshell
XAML in a Nutshell (In a Nutshell (OReilly))
ISBN: 0596526733
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2007
Pages: 217

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