Hack53.Must-Have Accessories

Hack 53. Must-Have Accessories

Palms are powerful out of the box, but for specialized uses you might want to look at adding hardware.

If you want to expand your Palm device's capabilities, you are not limited to just memory cards. You can choose from SD cards and other types of accessories that go beyond simple memory. In addition to the items listed here, you can find add-on infrared transmitters [Hack #41] and keyboards [Hack #52].

8.5.1. Wi-Fi Card

Palm (http://www.palm.com) sells SD Wi-Fi cards. These cards provide 802.11b access on your Palm device. You can use these cards to connect to the Internet [Hack #34].

8.5.2. SD Backup Card

In addition to HotSyncing, you can buy an SD Backup card from Palm (http://www.palm.com). This card can back up the contents of your Palm device, which is useful if your data gets wiped out or if you need to do a hard reset. It is especially worthwhile for traveling. If you don't have your PC with you, how else would you restore your data? If you have an existing SD card that you would like to use to hold your data, then you should look at backup-buddyVFS (http://www.bluenomad.com/bbvfs/prod_bbvfs_details.html). You can use this program to back up critical data and programs to your memory card.

8.5.3. UniMount

The UniMount (http://www.revolvedesign.com) is designed to attach your Palm device to your car's dashboard. The UniMount allows you to see and work with your Palm one-handed. But please don't play Tetris while driving.

8.5.4. CardScan

Do you receive a lot of business cards? If so, then you might want to consider CardScan (http://www.cardscan.com). CardScan is a scanner designed exclusively for business cards. The scanned business cards can be imported into the Palm desktop's address book and then HotSync'd to your Palm device. Unless you get overwhelmed with business cards, however, it is simpler to just type them in.

8.5.5. Presenter-to-go

Presenter-to-go (http://www.margi.com) is a neat device. This is an SD card for your Palm device that allows you to display to a projector. It also provides support for displaying PowerPoint presentations.

8.5.6. Kirrio Navigation Pack

The Kirrio Navigation Pack provides a GPS attachment for your Palm device, together with software and U. S. maps. As a combination, this set can help prevent you from getting lost. It is available through retailers such as Amazon. Maps are also available for the United Kingdom and Europe.

8.5.7. GPS Navigation Kit

The GPS Navigation Kit from Palm (http://www.palm.com) is a navigation solution for your car. It provides a GPS module, software, and maps of the United States and Canada.

Hardware add-ons can fundamentally change what you can do with your Palm device. A GPS kit can help you navigatehard to do with a bare Palm. A keyboard [Hack #52] can allow you to enter and edit large documents. Imagine trying to do that with a stylus.

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