Foreword to the First Edition, 1988

Authors: Macfarlane, Michael T.

Title: Urology, 4th Edition

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Foreword to the First Edition (1988)

The field of urology has expanded rapidly during the past decade, and as new findings in the laboratory and in clinical research are brought into the realm of standard practice, the body of information promises to increase even more rapidly. Faced with this deluge of information, the new urology house officer must find innovative methods to evaluate and manage the spectrum of urologic problems with which he or she is faced on a daily basis. The enormous daily work load of the house officer precludes extensive daily library searches or reading sessions, and too often only a small portion of available knowledge is brought to bear on the multitude of clinical urology problems. Though a plethora of texts and journals has emerged in recent years, none effectively addresses the issue of quick reference for the novice in urology. Herein lies the great strength of this publication.

This book is divided into two major sections, Chief Presentations and Selected Topics. In the first section, almost every possible clinical situation that can be encountered by the house officer is outlined. This provides a quick reference to guide the physician in evaluating the patient and scheduling the necessary clinical and laboratory tests. The section on Selected Topics is an in-depth but brief discussion of urologic diseases, including their management. Useful tests and drugs along with the appropriate dosages and their potential toxicities are included. The discussions on management, unencumbered by lengthy referencing and detailed discussion of current debates and controversies, provide a balanced final analysis of the state of the art. The test is directed toward the more junior urology house officers but is well suited to medical students at all levels during their clinical rotations in urology. Indeed, physicians in other specialties, especially Family Practice and Internal Medicine, will undoubtedly be rewarded by this text, out of proportion to the small amount of time needed to extract the ready information required to manage their patients. The author is an energetic and talented urology house officer, who understands what students and junior house officers need to know. I am sure that Urology for the House Officer will become the gold standard of a whole genre of such publications.

Jean B. deKernion M.D.

Professor of Surgery/Urology

Chief, Division of Urology, UCLA School of Medicine, Los Angeles, California

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