Section B.1. Chapter Links

B.1. Chapter Links

The following tables list the links found in each chapter. Links are presented in the same order that they occur in the text. You'll find all kinds of links here. Some point to useful tutorial sites and articles, others to Web curiosities, and still more point to handy free tools or downloadable pictures and media. Particularly important or noteworthy links are printed in bold.

Table B-1. Chapter 1. Preparing for the Web



The history of the Internet

Internet Explorer (browser) windows /ie

Firefox (browser)

Netscape (browser)

Opera (browser)

Safari (browser)

Summary of Mac browsers

Spybot Search & Destroy (spyware removal tool)

Microsoft AntiSpyware (spyware removal tool)

Lavasoft Ad-Aware (spyware removal tool)

Online community of diary writers

One of many free blogging services (see the Chapter 17 link list for more)

Personal blogs of Microsoft employees

A fee-based service for testing a Web page with different browsers

What not to do in a Web page

The ultimate examples of bad Web design

Table B-2. Chapter 2. Creating Your First Web Page



Java checkers

ActiveX virus scanner

Flash games

XHTML tutorial

XHTML validator

Table B-3. Chapter 3. Putting Your Page on the Web



Domain Direct (Web host)

Brinkster (Web host)

Insider Hosting (Web host)

Pair Networks (Web host)

Sonic .net (Web host)

Yahoo GeoCities (free Web host)

Angelfire (free Web host)

Tripod (free Web host)

AOL Hometown (free Web host)

Table B-4. Chapter 4. Power Tools



ZDNet (shareware) (shareware)

Tucows (shareware)

Nvu (HTML editor)

HTML-Kit (HTML editor) info /hkh_w3c_offline

CoffeeCup (HTML editor)

FrontPage (trial software)

Dreamweaver (trial software)

Table B-5. Chapter 5. HTML Text Tags



Learn about the semantic Web

Special characters in HTML

Table B-6. Chapter 6. Style Sheets



Browser usage statistics

CSS compatibility tables for different browsers

Web-safe colors

Online color pickers

Information about font support on different operating systems

Detailed information about CSS typography

Table B-7. Chapter 7. Adding Graphics



Overview of photo-editing software

Free backgrounds

Google image search (pictures aren't necessarily free to use)

Stock.XCHNG (free pictures)

Overview of places to find free pictures

Free clip art

Microsoft Office clip art

Table B-8. Chapter 8. Linking Pages



Link checker

Table B-9. Chapter 9. Page Layout Tools: Tables and Styles



A huge catalog of style sheet layout examples

CSS tutorial

Style sheet templates

www. bluerobot .com/web/layouts

CSS resources

Table B-10. Chapter 10. Frames



How to force frames with JavaScript

Table B-11. Chapter 11. Attracting Visitors



Web ring services

The Open Directory Project (submission rules) (editor guidelines)

Google Directory

Yahoo (submission guidelines) ( unofficial )

Looksmart/Zeal (submission guidelines) user

How Google works

www-db. stanford .edu/~backrub/google.html

Google (submission) (submit a site) (remove a site)

Search Engine Watch (industry news)

Webmaster World (industry news)

Google AdWords

AdWords information

Wayback Machine (archived Web pages)

List of Web robots

Overview of free log analysis software

Overview of free hit counters

StatCounter (free hit counter)

Table B-12. Chapter 12. Letting Your Visitors Talk to You (and Each Other)



Community building on the Web (book excerpts)

Lyris (professional software for groups and newsletters)

CGI introduction

ASP and ASP.NET introductions

HTML forms tutorial

Google Groups

Examples of discussion groups on the Web

Table B-13. Chapter 13. Making Money with Your Site



Google AdSense (sign up)

Amazon Associates (sign up) (log in) (payment rules) (banners)

PayPal (about chargebacks ) protections -outside (seller protection)

Table B-14. Chapter 14. JavaScript and DHTML: Adding Interactivity



JavaScript tutorials

Text effect examples

JavaScript events

EarthWeb (JavaScript samples)

The JavaScript Source (JavaScript samples)

JavaScript 2 (JavaScript samples)

Dynamic Drive (JavaScript samples)

JavaScript FAQ

Table B-15. Chapter 15. Fancy Buttons and Menus



Button image generator

Other button image generators

Flash button generator

Button making software (Windows)

FrontPage 3D Button Visual Editor add-in

Navigation bars

Table B-16. Chapter 16. Audio and Video



Winamp (MP3 player)

Classical MIDI Archives

Audacity (sound editor)

http://audacity. sourceforge .net

WAV/MP3 editors


Sound effects

Video Blogs

Internet Video Magazine

Overview of cheap places to store video files

Pixparty (free video hosting)

GIF animations

Flash player

Impressive Flash examples

Flash tutorials

www. flashkit .com/tutorials

Flash introduction generator

Flash background music loops

Table B-17. Chapter 17. Blogs



Definition of "blog"

Popular blog examples

http://dear_raed. blogspot .com

Online feed readers


  • www. newsisfree .com

Windows feed reader


Mac feed reader


Overview of feed readers


MSN Spaces (hosted blogs)

Radio UserLand (hosted blogs)

TypePad (hosted blogs)

Live Journal (hosted blogs)

Xanga (hosted blogs)

Movable Type (blogging software)

Bloxsom (blogging software)

www. blosxom .com

WordPress (blogging software)

WebCrimson (hosted blogs, with the option to self-host)

Blogger (hosted blogs, with the option to self-host) (information) (template tag reference) (putting Google ads in a blog) (create a BlogThis bookmark) (post a blog entry using Word)

Blogger discussion forum

Removing the Blogger NavBar (unofficial workaround)

Google Toolbar (for BlogThis)

Blogrolling service

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