Chapter 7. BES Administration

    Section 7.1.  Hacks 72 84: Introduction

    Hack 72.  Add Users to the BES in Bulk

    Hack 73.  Lock Down Your BlackBerry

    Hack 74.  Test Your SRP Connection

    Hack 75.  Send an Alert When Your SRP Is Down

    Hack 76.  Ping a User's BlackBerry

    Hack 77.  Track Message Delivery Time

    Hack 78.  Create Alerts for Important Users

    Hack 79.  Move the Attachment Service

    Hack 80.  Monitor Attachment Usage

    Hack 81.  Export User Stats to a Text File

    Hack 82.  Create a Web Interface for User Administration

    Hack 83.  Set Owner Info for All Devices

    Hack 84.  Query the BES 4.0 Database

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